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Women in Ministry

  • Are you feeling led to gather women together for the glory of God but don't know where to start?

  • Do you want to host or start a women's bible study and or fellowship group?

  • Are you a small group leader or facilitator of a bible study or women's group looking for growth?

  • Would you like to gain new skills and sharpen old ones?

  • Are you feeling stuck, defeated, or overwhelm within your women's ministry role?

  • How do you handle gossip, pride, social clicks, and wounded women within your group? 

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Whether you are just starting out or have been in women's ministry for a while, we all experience challenges leading and managing our groups.

Women in ministry rarely speak publicly about the challenges they face.

Did you know lack of support, church legalism, gossip, pride, social clicks, and wounded women that are self-seeking within your groups are some of the main reasons women leaders walk away from their positions, roles, and or groups fail? 

I have heard story after story of how various challenges and gossip within groups have caused exceptional leaders to give up due to burnout, pressure, and overwhelm. In the past, I too have experienced many challenges within women's ministry, including burnout.


I would love to support you and share my 10-years of experience with you through one-on-one mentoring.   Luna

Personalized Mentoring Includes:

  • Determine what type of women's group you are starting or leading

  • How to start or grow your current women's ministry

  • Together we will create an action plan that is attainable and one that matches the needs and personality of your group.

  • Successfully implement and transform your ideas. ​

  • Learn how to turn your ideas into handouts and resources for your women.

  • Gain personal tools and resources to strengthen, deepen, and grow your women in Jesus.

  • Learn how to continue to root your own faith in Jesus. 

  • Networking resources.

  • How to set-up and establish social media and online group(s)

  • Using Zoom effectively 

  • How to create a website

  • How to find space for group gatherings.

  • Learn what you should provide for your women and what they are responsible for. 

  • Create custom group guidelines. 

  • Establishing a personal work-life balance.

  • How to set boundaries. 

  • Learn how to create a ministry budget. 

  • Fundraising for your group. 

  • Gain access to biblical learning sources that you can use with your women. 

  • Recieve templates that you can customize for your Bible study group

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Personalized Group Training:

  • How to create a welcoming environment for your women. 

  • ​Table leader, group leader, and facilitator training.

  • How to facilitate/teach a Bible study. 

  • How to host a workshop or seminar.

  • Putting together a retreat.

  • How to authentically welcome your ladies and encourage them to keep coming back.

  • How to read and teach the Bible to small groups. 

  • How to run a Zoom Bible study group

  • How to choose group materials, books, and Bible studies. 

  • Skills to create and maintain group confidently, personal member contact information, and handling prayer requests.

Ways women's groups and ministries
become weak or fail:

  • The leader/facilitator is not grounded in God - they run/do the ministry in their own strength instead of being the vessel that God works through and letting God lead them. 

  • Who's Glory - starting a group or ministry for self-glory instead of for the glory of God and/or being led by the Holy Spirit to do so. 

  • Lack of a solid team - Not all women who want to help, lead a table, or be a part of the team should be. Learn how to create a strong, faithful team that is Christ-centered instead of self-centered during the mentoring process.

  • Lack of proper church network, church or pastoral team support 

  • Church legalism and the view of women in the church

  • The "wolf in sheep's clothing" - Women who join the groups with false intentions for self-gain. Learn how to work biblical with these women within your group.  

  • False Networking - proper networking that allows for growth and help of each other's ministry vs. coveting each other's success and networking for self-gain.

  • The Take Over - Women who join the group with false intentions. They want to have their own group, so instead of praying over it and seeking God's direction in starting their own group, they cause discord and false gossip within your group to turn members away and use them to create their own group. 

  • Clicks and gossip - this is self-explanatory. This is one of the top reasons groups do not grow, fail, or the leader gives up the group. Through the mentoring and group training process, you and your team will gain tools to curb this from happening.

  • Lack of discipleship and connection - the group, has become more of a social group. Christ is no longer the center, lack of relationship building and camaraderie within the group(s).

  • Women do not feel welcome - Learn through the mentoring process key ways to welcome all women into a group and help them to integrate with the already established group members.

  • Lack of leadership - not taking ownership of your group, lack of follow-through or being prepared, not listening or knowing what your women need to grow in Jesus, being guided by others' opinions instead of the Holy Spirit, lack of trust in God's direction.  

  • The disgruntled member(s) - It just takes one to cause a damaging ripple effect. "A little leaven leavens the whole lump of dough" Galatians 5:9 During the mentoring process, I will share my testimony about this happening to me within one of the ministries I ran. Learn what the Bible actually says about situations like this and biblical responses to them.

Women's Ministry Mentoring is for:

  • Women who are currently working in women's ministry

  • Women who are feeling led to start a bible study, home group, or women's ministry

  • Women who would like to grow and strengthen their group

  • Women currently working as biblical or Christian coaches seek support and ways to develop their own coaching practice.

  • Women in ministry who are currently experiencing burnout, lack of support, and struggling in their role, have been hurt by the church or by the women within their fellowship and ministry groups. 

  • Please note at this time mentoring is for women age 20 and up. 

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How do I get support?

Plans fail for lack of counsel,
but with many advisers they succeed.
Proverbs 15:22 (NIV)