What is Grounded In Faith, LLC

Grounded In Faith, LLC aims to help women grow in their relationship and faith in God through Biblical education, discipleship, and mentoring. 

Lunaria Carter 

What is offered:

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Women's Ministry Mentoring:

Whether you are just starting out or have been in women's ministry for a while, we all experience challenges. It is these challenges that women in ministry do not speak much of publicly. Did you know lack of support, church legalism, gossip, pride, social clicks, and wounded women that are self-seeking within your groups are some of the main reasons that women leaders walk away from their positions and their groups fail?

I have heard story after story of how various challenges within groups have caused exceptional leaders to give up due to burnout, pressure, and overwhelm.  

Biblical Life Coaching:

Have you ever been told that if you just had more faith or prayed more or did more to be a perfect believer and only show positive emotions, God would bless you, and your problems would end? 

Have you been showered in an abundance of Bible verses as a form of help only to find that nothing changed? 

Have you been told that your depression, lack of self-worth, or circumstances are blocking you from God?

These are just a few of the many statements I have heard over the years from women. Bad theology, a false understanding of God, legalism, pride, doing works to gain faith, relying on the world's view, and personal cultural theology all create a recipe for hopelessness and lack of living the life God intended for you. 

At Grounded In Faith, our coaching model is to reconnect your mind, body, and spirit to the truths of God's Word. So that you will be able to hear God's direction in your life through the Holy Spirit, it is all about igniting a personal Biblical heart change within your soul. Coaching is a peer, co-working, and co-creating relationship. The coaching role is not to give advice but to guide, support, and equip you in discovering all that God has for you through a biblical foundation.

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