Stressed Woman

Have you lost your faith foundation?

Does God seem far away? Are you feeling rejected or judged?

Not sure what you believe anymore? Angry at God?

Rediscovering who you are in Jesus?

Life can take us on journeys we never expected that cause us to lose our foundation and shake up our faith in God. Our anchor in Jesus can become loose as we experience setbacks, loss, trauma, career change, lack of direction, divorce, and lack of self-worth, amongst other things in life. We begin to focus on the world for approval, direction, and guidance instead of on God and what He says about us. Doubt, mistrust, hopelessness, and lack of knowing who we are as believers in Jesus start to settle in. We begin to drift away from the source of strength that we, as believers, have in our lives, which is Jesus. At times we become so distant from Him that hopelessness, bitterness, and anger towards God settle in. We falsely believe that we are not good enough, that God has failed us or is distant from us. 

There is hope! Things begin to change when we focus our eyes on Jesus and the cross instead of the world. 

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Biblical Life Coaching

Biblical life coaching for women age 20 and up. 

What does it mean to
navigate life God's way? 

What is the difference between cultural norms and biblical ones?

Through Biblical Life Coaching, you will learn and discover the different viewpoints through the lens of

the world vs. a Biblical one on the topics below and more.

  • Faith Beliefs

  • God & the world - who is in control?

  • Man's approach to life vs. God's approach

  • Spirit, body & soul - what roles do they play within you?

  • Making life choices through the lens of the world vs. through God.

  • Tools to handle rejection, judging self & others, body image,

       self-worth, accepting and loving others. 

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Ground Your Life and Faith Today!

Let's Chat: Discovery Zoom - 20 minutes.

Let’s meet up on Zoom from the comfort of your own home and get to know each other. During the 20-minute Connect Chat, I will answer any questions you have and listen to why you are seeking Biblical Life Coaching. By the end of our time together, you will clearly understand what happens during the coaching process and discover if Biblical Life Coaching is right for you.

Please note that there is no actual coaching during the discovery call. 

Ground In Faith coaching is for women age 20 and older.

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Can you relate to this?

Have you lost your focus, self-confidence, or self-worth?

Are you seeking a purpose in life? Feeling angry?

Unable to forgive? Lack of self-worth?

Have you been "hurt" by the church or legalism and are questioning who God is and what it all means?

Have you been "showered" in an abundance of Bible verses as a form of help only to find that nothing has changed?

As women, most of us like to share our problems and talk things out. So we reach out to our friends to vent and for advice. Just to end up with many opinions, gossip, and judgments with no fundamental understanding or help.

Or perhaps a well-meaning faithful friend told you something like "you have not prayed hard enough," or "you lack faith," or "just get over it and move on," or "you just need to submit and take it." Have you had a ton of Bible verses thrown at you, out of context, such as Romans 8:28, to "fix" the problem?


Legalistic advice, worldly cultural blended responses, Bible passages, and verses out of context attached to personal opinions cause one to feel even more hopeless. These well-meaning methods of help further unground a person's faith in Jesus. This is why biblical context is essential and knowing who we are as a child of God.  

There is Hope! By understanding who God is and what the Bible says, we as believers can learn how to navigate life God's way. It does not mean that hardship will not come our way it means that we will have the tools and the strength through Jesus to move through them. 

Do other women feel this way?

Yes! You are not alone.


What you do during those trials and focus on in those moments makes all the difference. Being a Christian does not mean our lives will be free from difficulties and heartache. I am here to tell you it is normal to feel insecure in times of trials, lose our faith, be angry at God at times, and yes, even when things are going well, we may still feel disconnected. 

God does use the situations in our lives to continue to refine us and draw us closer to Him. Even when we personally don't feel that way, God is always working behind the scenes in our Christian lives. It may be that we never understand the purpose of the situations, pain, or trials in our lives. That is when the most challenging part of trusting God begins. 


The key is not to fall out of the boat of life when the seas get turbulent. It is essential to keep yourself anchored to Jesus when the waters are rough and even when the waters are peaceful. This requires us to have a personal relationship with God through the Holy Spirit in proper context. Our understanding and relationship with God should not just be through head knowledge but also heart knowledge. 

How does coaching work?

What is involved?

  • Currently, all coaching is primarily virtual and done through a virtual office online via Zoom. There is currently no physical office.

  • One-on-one coaching is a 45-minute session. Meeting weekly or bi-weekly through a virtual Zoom office.

  • Sessions are done in sets of pre-paid appointments for maximum personal benefit. Pay for all the sessions at once or a payment plan. 

  • Homework - Light weekly homework will be assigned, such as reflective questions, Bible reading, journaling, or reading of a particular book.  

  • Practice - weekly practice of new skills gained during coaching is helpful for authentic heart and life changes. You get out of the coaching process what you put into it.

  • Accountability - I will hold you accountable, challenge you, and provide support with a structure to help you reach your goals. 

  • Expect change. Change can be uncomfortable, especially meaningful heart-centered change. Be open to the unexpected as the Holy Spirit stirs a shift within you. Change can sometimes be challenging, but the journey is worth the reward.

What tools are used during the coaching process?

  • Prayer

  • The Holy Spirit

  • The Bible  

  • Biblical-based: workbook(s), worksheets, handouts, and books. Most coaching materials will be sent electronically in a PDF format. Some are type-in ready. This means that you can type your discoveries into the document(s) using your computer and save your work. Some materials will be sent out via mail or Amazon when necessary. You always have a choice whether to use the materials or not for self-growth. You get out of the coaching process what you put into it. 

Please note that I am a degreed Biblical Counselor and Certified Health and Life Coach. I offer biblical life coaching, Bible education, and mentoring. I am not a licensed therapist, psychotherapist, or mental healthcare provider of any kind. I do not diagnose, offer advice, prescribe, bill insurance, or provide any of a licensed therapist's services. I currently only coach women age 20 and up. Read more here on the difference Q&A


I provide biblical Christian life education in a coaching mentoring self-discover format to help women anchor their mind, body, and soul in the biblical truths of the Bible and God. Ground In Faith, LLC is strictly for educational purposes only. Please read the disclaimer for further information.