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  • Ways to create a daily reading habit

  • Explore different Bible study methods

  • Gain skills to discern the difference between false doctrine vs. biblical theology.

Why study the Bible?

The Bible is about God, not about us. We read the Bible to learn more about who God is, be transformed by His Word as a believer, and draw nearer to Him.


Reading the Bible is not always an easy task. At times we do not like what we are reading in the Bible. Our cultural norms clash with and disagree with what God designed for us.


We should not “cherry-pick” out the verses that make us feel good, change the Bible to fit us or our culture, or not read parts of the Bible because we disagree or don't understand it. When we do this, the Bible becomes about us. We become the center of the story instead of God and His design for His creation. Our understanding and view of God become distorted. The Bible is the infallible and inerrant word of God.

Most of us build relationships by learning about another person and their history. We meet up for a meal, attend church groups, and connect over like interests. We tend to have that one person or close friend with whom we talk daily and share our hearts. 

Likewise, God desires to have an ongoing relationship with us as well. He invites us to get to know Him through reading His Word (the Bible), prayer, worship, and quiet time with Him. Within these modes of communication, God speaks to us through the Holy Spirit to deepen our relationship with Him. Reading the whole Bible at least once a year is a great way to know God and His Word for yourself. 


God desires us to come to Him as we are, perfectly imperfect in need of Him, the Savior. The Bible reveals to us the free gift of salvation through Jesus. John 14:6, Romans 10:9-10 Through redemption, we are justified and made anew. 2 Corinthians 5:16-18. By reading our Bibles and being in fellowship with other believers, we are able to draw near to God. We continue to be transformed into the image of God so that we may better reflect the love of Jesus to those around us. 

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Ways to study the Bible?



  • Join our private Facebook group.

    • coming soon.​


  • Host a Bible study group in your own home. 



  • Attended and join a local church women's Bible study.

    • Look for a women's Bible study group that teaches from the actual Bible.

    • Less topical teaching, more Bible teaching.

    • Less teaching from the opinion(s) of the latest best-selling Christian book author or Pastor. 

    • One that uses the Bible as the primary source of study instead of the latest Christian book based on that author's opinion.

    • Please note that I LOVE book clubs! I enjoy reading Christian books together as a group and discussing them. I also gain a lot from listening to podcasts and watching the latest video's from my favorite Pastors, but they should not take the place of the Bible and what it says. Actual Bible study should focus, be about and come straight out of the Bible. The best way to grow in a relationship with God is to read His Word for yourself. Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you and teach from the heart along with other women in fellowship. ​

Bible study resources:

  • Bible study handouts, worksheets, and more Etsy Store

  • Amazon link to Grounded In Faith Bible journal reading plans of Old & New Testament.

  • Our Daily Bread is a monthly devotional that can be mailed out to you for free or sent via email.

  • Truth For Life offers many resources to help further your Bible understanding journey.

  • Table Talk is a yearly subscription that is sent out monthly. Each monthly devotional topical booklet is grounded in biblical truths of the Bible. 

Online Bible resources:

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Online Biblical voices:

  • Bible Project - excellent, easy-to-understand breakdown of the Bible books through short videos.

Biblical workshops & seminars:

Online Grounded In Faith Fall/Winter Bible Study:

The study will be announced soon. 

Links will appear here as they come up. Workshops, Seminars, and retreats will be in-person and online.

Online and In-person Bible studies are ongoing throughout the year. Please reach out through email for information

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